4 Easy Ways to Get Your Daily Intake of Protein

4 Easy Ways to Get Your Daily Intake of Protein


Protein: A Necessary Nutrient

Protein is a needed nutrient for every person. It is important for everyone to get the daily recommended amount of protein each day. Keep in mind, protein is a vital component for the cells in your body. It is a vital building block for the following:
* bones
* muscles
* cartilage
* skin
* blood

Your body will use protein to repair many tissues while building them up. There is a recommended amount of protein for everyone to take on a daily basis. The RDA or the Recommended Dietary Allowance for protein intake may vary. Most will claim that it is 0.8 grams per kilogram of your body weight. This is the amount of this nutrient that is needed in order to meet your needed nutritional requirements every day. There are many ways to increase your protein intake. You may discover that your health will improve when you get the necessary amount of this nutrient.

Four Good Ways

There are various ways to increase your protein intake and improve your health. The following four ways ought to get you started:

1. choose to snack on cheese between meals; most people tend to have a snack between their regular meals to get them through the day. You can get added protein in your diet when you keep cheese on hand and snack on it instead of pretzels, chips, and other snack options. Cheese tends to be very filling. The added calcium will only benefit your overall health too

2. use almonds as a topping; Almonds offer many health benefits and have six grams of protein in a one-ounce serving. Almonds have many needed nutrients. They will boost your protein level when used for snacks and meals. Almonds have many uses and will taste good as a topping on almost anything

3. include Greek yogurt; Greek yogurt is very versatile and is known for being a high protein option. An eight-ounce serving will provide you with almost 20 grams of protein. Yogurt can be used in a large variety of ways and is a tasty option

4. eat eggs instead of cereal; breakfast can be a high protein meal if you incorporate eggs. They can be used for any meal and will raise your protein intake. You might even reduce your appetite if you eat eggs for breakfast because they are filling too.
There are many more good ways to increase your protein level every day. You will be amazed at the improvements in your health when you consciously monitor your protein intake every day.

Proven Benefits

You have very good reasons to increase your daily protein intake. The following science-based benefits ought to convince you to make protein a priority in your diet;

* it helps to maintain weight loss; a healthy weight will energize you

* it can lower your blood pressure; some evidence has shown that a high-protein diet can lower blood pressure and reduce risks for heart disease

* it increases strength and Muscle Mass

* beneficial to your bones

* will lower your food cravings
There are many proven benefits that are offered when a person increases the protein in their diet.