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  • Board Certified Bariatric Physician
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  • Patented System for Hormonal and Metabolic Balance
  • A bonafide Maintenance Program
  • Every vist you are seen by physician
  • Use of bio-identical hormones exclusively
  • 24 hour physician availiablity for after hours concerns
  • Physician board certified in Ob/Gyn and Family Medicine
  • Wellness program using biophotonic screening


Used in improve energy, stamina, sense of well being, mood, enhance libido, increase lean body mass or muscle mass. This hormone decreases dramatically after surgical menopause, and declining levels are normal with aging. It is converted to estrogen by peripheral conversion in adipose tissue. Levels are decreased by any oral estrogen through an increase in sex hormone binding goblin.

In men the levels decline after age 40 which may lead to increase in estrogen levels. This is a contributing factor in men having weight gain as they enter into their mid life. In men decrease in lean body mass, stamina, energy, depressed mood, decreased libido and sexual function can be signs of declining testosterone levels.

Testosterone is supplied in many forms such as injections which give a peak onset within 7-10 days. Levels last for approximately 4 weeks. Rapid onset contributes to increase in energy. Higher levels in women will convert to estrogen which will treat many estrogen related symptoms. Long acting pellets that last 5-6 months. The advantage of pellets is convenience plus the time released formula allows for smooth transition and less peaks and troughs in the blood levels. Pellets are a very cost effective method of treatment with the amount of hormone utilized being very low.

The next form is the topical form used mostly in men for its slow onset of action and very steady state. Allows very individualized dosing which may appeal to many women. Down side of topical is that must be very consistent with dosage to achieve necessary levels.


The primary benefits of estrogen in treatment of hot flash, night sweats, vaginal atrophy. Estrogen can be used in many forms such as injectable, topical and long acting pellets. Estrogen is placed in lotions for local treatment of the vagina. The vaginal lotion increases blood flow, sensation, and lubrication. The use of estrogen vaginally helps cut down on urinary tract infections, symptoms of urethritis, reduces bladder spasm, and may reduce incontinence. The topical estrogen can also be applied on the thin areas of the skin for systemic benefit. Estrogen in injectable forms can correct menstrual problems frequently encountered in peri-menopausal women, and stop heavy menstrual flow. The long acting estrogen pellets have the advantage of time released hormone that is allows a more steady state delivery and convenience for the patient.


Is the primary balancing hormone that comes in two forms a topical form and an oral form. Progesterone has the benefits of helping with night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings associated with premenstrual syndrome, insomnia, anxiety. It is the first hormone to decline in women in the mid thirties, and is associated with worsening premenstrual syndrome, menstrual irregularities, and menstrual migraines. Its decline can lead to estrogen dominance in women of menopausal age. The topical form is applied twice a day in correlation with the menstrual cycle to the thin areas of the skin.

Estrogen/Testosterone Lotion:

Is used to treat vaginal symptoms with an enhance sensation by the addition of testosterone. Help to thicken very thin skin of the vagina better than estrogen alone. It has the same benefits of estrogen lotion with the addition of testosterone to improve sexual function.

Cholesterol Treatment Instructions:

Niacin: take one pill at night for two weeks, increase to two pills thereafter. If you increase to more than two take one in am and two at night.
side effects include flushing and itching. If side effect are extreme back down a pill. Can add modified citrus pectin to reduce side effects.

Fish Oil: take one pill twice a day for two weeks, increase to two pills twice a day there after. If fishy taste occurs place pills in freezer. Over the counter fish oil has PCB's a known carcinogen, avoid over the counter fish oil.

Vitamin D: take anytime with or without food. The dosage is 5000 IU which is greater than over the counter preparations.

Zycor: take anytime or the day, with or without food. Side effects include muscle pain and joint pain. Take with CoQ10 an over the counter anti oxidant which is lower by statin drugs and help to eliminate the side effects

Warning: Do not be fooled by over the counter preparations. You are not sure what you are getting since you are treating a condition. I would rely on pharmaceutical grade that in 99.9% pure. That is all that we recommend to our patients.