5 Plant-Based Foods That Can Help You Build Lean Muscle

5 Plant-Based Foods That Can Help You Build Lean Muscle


If you love to work out or enjoy exercising on a daily routine, then you know how good the feeling could be once you are able to achieve a tremendous goal. So when you have a goal that you are able to reach, you may feel like you want to reach more goals that you have. With that, a great goal that goes good with exercise is a diet, especially one that is plant-based.

Sure, you might have doubts about a plant-based diet like how it could help you to develop muscle that is lean.

Being skeptical is perfectly normal, but if you do your homework you’ll realize that it is not that hard to prepare a meal with this in mind. That’s because you’ll realize that you will obtain a greater amount of energy and ability to recover quicker after a workout.

The good thing is that every type of exercise works perfectly with this type of diet.

With that said, there are 5 Plant-Based Foods That Can Help You Build Lean Muscle. So all you have to do is decide which one will inspire you to eat the most in order to reach your goal of lean muscle.

Prepare Some Potatoes

Keeping tabs on the number of calories you need is an important part of growing lean muscle. This is why potatoes are a great option. This is especially true since they are jam-packed with carbohydrates.

If you prefer, you can change it up by switching to sweet potatoes because you can feel fuller by eating less as you receive super rich antioxidants. Regardless of the type of potatoes that are selected, it is better that you eat them prior to your exercise routine to get a nice boost of energy or for recovery, once you’re finished.

Prepare Some Legumes

When you prepare some legumes you will be getting a nice serving of protein and iron. It’s best that you eat them following your routine so that the carbohydrates can be restored as well as receiving a healthy dose of protein to assist in your muscle growth.

With an increased amount of fiber, legumes are able to assist with absorption by preserving the healthy bacteria found in your gut that ensures your digestion is at peak performance. This is what will increase the amount of your food of nutrition value.

Prepare Some Whole grains

Not only are whole grains an excellent choice for heart health, but they are full of carbohydrates, protein, and some have a nice amount of antioxidants.

To get the most out of them, it’s best to have them prior to your exercise routine so that your energy level will be at its peak.

Prepare Some Seeds and Nuts

With a high amount of protein and calories, it won’t take that many seeds and nuts to satisfy your requirements. So if you want a quick way to increase your calorie intake during an exercise routine, then adding a handful of nuts or seeds will give you what you want.

Vegetable Based Smoothies

Although this isn’t a specific plant source, it is a great way to combine many nutritious sources.

The great thing about smoothies is their ability to be created and enjoyed by using more than one vegetable. This is also why they are able to provide a great source of nutrition.

To create the perfect smoothie you will need the following:

• A base of leafy greens. This will increase the amount of nitric oxide to improve circulation.
• Add some fruit that is full of antioxidants.
• Add some nuts or oats to give some protein
• Lastly, add milk that is plant-based