Estradiol Levels in Men

Estradiol Levels in Men

One of the biggest problems with monitoring testosterone levels in men is that many practioners fail to address estradiol levels in their patients with low testosterone. The enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into estradiol is aromatase.  Aromatase is a key step in the biosynthesis of estradiol. This enzyme is found in adipose tissue. Estradiol should be checked in any male that has low testosterone or that is being treated with testosterone.

    The armotase enzyme is more active as we age and therefore more estradiol is produced.  The level of testosterone declines naturally as we age. Consequently, an unbalanced ratio of estrogen to testosterone occurs as we age.

    What is the normal range of estradiol in men? The level of estradiol should be less than 25pg/ml.  Giving testosterone in a controlled manner in the form of topical preparations and not injectable forms can control estradiol. Binding it with progesterone can treat an elevated estradiol level. Progesterone naturally inhibits estradiol. It is of prime importance that we maintain a proper balance of estrogen to testosterone to promote optimal health and weight maintenance.

    The facts behind a healthy estradiol balance are:

11.     Estradiol is the most potent estrogen in the body

12.     Men with low estradiol below 12.9pd/ml are 317% more likely to die from any cause

13.     Men with high estradiol level are 133% more likely to die from any cause

14.      Men who have a balanced estradiol level exhibit the greatest health benefits. A target range should be 21-25pg/ml

15.     The more abdominal obesity and girth the more estradiol in the body.