The Synergy System for Weight Loss

The Synergy System for Weight Loss

In my experience, I routinely deal with patients who tell me they have tried everything to lose weight. They have taken diet pills, exercised regularly, limited their food intake. Nothing seemed to work. It is common knowledge that all diets are not created equally. And there is nothing more frustrating than to work so hard to lose weight and then see the weight come back – plus more – when you go off a weight-loss plan.

Some diets rely on counting calories, eating only from certain food groups or using a point system. These ideas are all good – and will help most people to lose weight. More than anything else, though, these methods just make you think about what you put in your mouth. In one way or another, most diets will help to reduce calories and assist you in losing weight. However, most fall short in defining the underlying cause for the excess weight gain.

Many diets are based entirely on the concept that weight gain is associated with more calories taken in versus calories burned. This is certainly partially true, but it is far from defining the true reason why some people have a much more difficult time losing weight and keeping it off. Our genes play a huge role in our body habitus (physique or body type). Beyond that, weight issues require the correction of metabolic problems. Until the metabolic problems are corrected, it makes it impossible for one to achieve their ideal body weight. Many have struggled with their weight by decreasing caloric intake and increasing exercise – but, again, to no avail. This is why it is so important that metabolic issues be addressed up front.

The other issue is how to interpret those lab values. That is why it is so important to have a Bariatric Physician evaluate the test results. In the real world, you cannot rely on the norms for the general population. The values must be interpreted according to the age, weight and sex of the patient. The next major issue in weight-loss programs is the correction of hormonal imbalance. Hormones are the most misunderstood area of our whole weight loss-obsessed culture. Hormonal balance is such an important factor in helping one maintain weight loss after a program is completed.

There are some hormones that are weightpositive and some that are weight-negative. Some are even weight-neutral. The key component is to balance the weight-positive hormones with a neutralizing or weight-negative hormone. Some hormones deposit fat in the hips and lower abdomen area – two of the biggest problem areas for women in regards to excess weight. Then, there are those hormones that increase lean body mass or help you to tone up when you exercise.

I see many women who struggle with weight problems that are due to hormonal imbalance. The correction requires an open ear to the symptoms of the patient and the ability to adjust the treatment plan according to the response of the patient. Hormonal balance is key to feeling better, having increased energy, a sense of well-being and improved
mood. A hormonal imbalance can present itself with many symptoms, including decreased energy, irritability, epression, hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain and headaches. Many times, the patient is treated with a hormone that places them in a situation of hormone excess such that it contributes to weight gain in the hips, lower abdomen and buttocks. The more weight a woman gains contributes to this imbalance.

Some hormones are produced in the fatty cells, therefore, leading to excess hormone. From that, you can see that hormones can be the source of a vicious cycle of weight gain causing more hormone production and leading to more weight gain. The cycle has to be corrected before true weight loss can occur.

The program that I have developed is called the “Synergy System.” It combines the correction of metabolic and hormonal imbalance for weight loss. This system is unique because I recognize the need to correct those issues up front to allow the patient greater weight loss, as well as the ability to maintain that weight loss after the goal has been met. The “Synergy System” uses only bio-identical hormones in the balancing of hormones. It utilizes low-dose and carefully-balanced hormones to achieve optimal enhancement of symptom relief.

The “Synergy System” is not a theory! It is based on principles that I experience every day with my weight-loss patients who live and breathe the benefits of a hormonal- and metabolically-balanced life. And feeling good is so very important in enabling one to achieve his or her weight-loss goals. My intention with the “Synergy System” is to bring hope and new solutions to those who suffer with their weight needlessly because of metabolic and hormonal imbalance.

Dr. Dent is the creator of the “Synergy System,” a wellness and weight loss program that promotes metabolic and hormonal balance. With weight loss centers in Columbia, Florence, and Sumter, SC, Dr. Dent’s program has helped patients from all across South Carolina meet their weight loss goals and improve their overall wellness.