What’s The Best Time Of Day To Exercise?

What’s The Best Time Of Day To Exercise?


When choosing the best time of day to exercise, it is best to think outside of exercise’s direct physical benefits. Individuals who want to follow a consistent exercise routine need to consider many different factors than just physically losing weight or staying fit. While exercising is to stay healthy, there needs to be consistency in achieving and maintaining this goal.

In general instances, some people may argue that one specific time of day may be the best time to exercise, which may be true theoretically and practically. However, this particular time, for example, between 1 pm to 4 pm, may not be ideal for many persons due to many reasons. Individuals first need to figure out what time of day they are most productive and what their schedule is like before selecting the time of day to exercise. Based on many individuals’ experiences, the best time we have found to work out is in the mornings. This article will discuss various reasons why we believe this is the ideal time to exercise.

The Morning Motivation

There are a lot of benefits to being a morning person. Your body and mind feel more charged and ready to take on the day, which results in the motivation you feel in the morning once you get out of bed. While exercising in the morning can do less good for your blood pressure than in the afternoon, it depends on the exercise’s intensity.

Your exercise routine could be a bike ride, a short walk, going for a swim, or a short ten-minute medium to low energy work out. No matter the time of day, it is best not to push your body past its limit, but individuals should take extra care when exercising in the morning. However, you may be an individual who likes to take advantage of that morning rush and exercise.

In that case, it is advisable to be conscious of your body’s physical abilities and limits and engage in physical activity at a moderate to a low level in the mornings. Engaging in physical activity in the earlier hours of the mornings is a better option for persons who have a busy schedule in the afternoons and experience tiredness, making it impossible to find the motivation to exercise.

The Ultimate Goal

​For many people, the main goal of exercising is to lose weight. Individuals who exercise in the mornings have experienced weight loss because exercising in the morning before consuming anything is ideal for losing weight. In the morning, the body operates in a way that helps the body burn fat, resulting from the body seeking to access the energy it needs from the fat reserves.

Individuals privy to this information have used it to their advantage and have seen results after exercising in the morning before consuming any food or liquid. Also, while exercising in the morning, it is recommended to drink plenty of room temperature water. This practice helps persons eat less during the day, which also helps them achieve their weight loss goal.

Great Start, Better Ending

​Starting your day with a great workout not only reduces stress but helps you to feel accomplished and motivated going into the rest of your day. Early morning exercise routines also lead to more productivity and also allows you to make healthier food choices.

People usually develop a health-conscious mindset and decide not to defeat the purpose of doing an early morning workout by eating unhealthy meals. Also, starting your day with exercise will help in having a productive and less stressful day, resulting in improved sleep. Getting enough sleep is an essential part of losing weight and staying healthy, and proper sleeping routines usually result in persons feeling more energetic and focused in the mornings.

Even though many different categories of people agree that mornings are best for exercise, it all comes down to an individual’s daily routine. While persons may prefer to exercise in the morning, they may be unable to because of their schedule. However, exercising in the afternoon is still beneficial once you have the time, motivation, and, importantly, remain consistent to get the required results.