November 15, 2020

Can Intermittent Fasting (Skipping Meals) Make You Healthier?

Chances are that you can’t get through your newsfeed without seeing something about intermittent fasting. In fact, it was the number 1 searched for term in […]
October 21, 2020

5 Reasons To Find An Exercise Partner

Working out alone can get boring. You go to the gym day in and day out and just watch yourself lift weights and break a sweat. […]
September 22, 2020

What’s The Best Time Of Day To Exercise?

When choosing the best time of day to exercise, it is best to think outside of exercise’s direct physical benefits. Individuals who want to follow a […]
August 23, 2020

Should You Eat Carbs and Fats Before a Workout?

What you eat before a workout can be the difference between a successful training session and an unsuccessful one. It can also affect how well you […]
July 31, 2020

4 Simple Rules For Weight Loss

Due to the busy lifestyle in this modern era, maintaining weight and living a healthy lifestyle has become tough for many people. An increase in weight […]
June 29, 2020

How Much Salt Is Good For You

Background: Salt has played a big role throughout history. In medieval times, for example, salt was the unit of payment for solders. Hence, the expression around […]